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Throughout the course of Church history, clergy and lay people have sought to transmit the message of the Gospel via any means they had at their disposal. In the past, when many could not read or write, the beauty of Church interiors from stained glass windows to frescos were to many a way of understanding the Gospel message.

In our day and age thanks to advancement in technology, messages are easily transmitted to thousands within the click of a button. Whilst literacy rates have improved dramatically compared to days gone by, people are relying less and less on books, documents and newspapers for their information.

We are returning to an age where images and visual representations are much more influential than the written word.

It is in this context that we seek communication the timeless message of Christ.

Featured Video

Scottish Catholic Education week 2017

This month Sancta Familia Media had the privillege of witnessing the deep faith and devotion evident amongst our Scottish Catholic teachers and pupils across a variety of primary and secondary schools.

Our Catholic schools were hard fought for and we should all pray and support our schools.

Many thanks to all those who took part in this documentary and to the thousands others who live out the example of their lives to lead children to Christ. Was your school involved?

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“It is clear the group is continuing to go from strength to strength in the sharing of Christ through the medium of technology”